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Use WiFi to upload photos from your GX80/85

So i recently bought a camera, the Lumix GX80. I’m very happy with it but transferring a few pictures every time i use it using a SD card is really… old and boring. The camera has WiFi and i want to use it to transfer my photos to my PC/NAS/Server/whatever.

So how did i do it? First of all your camera and network device (PC/NAS) needs to be on the same network (for the techies; same subnet, the camera doesn’t use a gateway some how).

You will need a shared, accessible folder on your PC/NAS before we begin.

This will be a guide with a lot of pictures, so look closely and let’s start.

Go in to Menu -> Setup -> WiFi

WiF Function

New Connection

Send Images Stored in the Camera (if you want continuous upload, chose “Send Images While Recording” instead).

PC. Yes, chose PC even if you’re uploading to a NAS.

Via Network

From List

Now all the WiFi networks that the camera finds will show up. Chose your network.

Enter your WiFi password

Now the camera will scan for public available folders. If you don’t see your folder chose Manual Input.

Enter the IP address of the device you want to connect to (PC or NAS).

Chose what folder you want to upload you photos to.

If you’re happy with the settings just continue.

Multi Select

Select some pictures

And we’re cookin!

Next time you can use Select a destination from History. Or save it as a favorite.

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