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Physical volume controller – part 2

Since this post will be linked from the Deej project showcase i’ll write it in English. Maybe i’ll continue to do so, who knows?

Anyway, i built an early version of the volume control box which is working quite good now. The design was a prototype and actually found this design on Thingiverse. Since i have knobs and not sliders i decided to redesign the top part from scratch.

It’s not very complicated really, just import the .stl file to Fusion 360 and take all the measurements. Then start make your own design. I also added logos (import .SVG files and extrude the part you want).

So the backside cut outs is for the potentiometers to fit correctly. And some half assed cable management of course.

I 3D printed this on my brand new Prusa i3 MK3S with Addnorths black E-PLA filament. And
i used the “Hilbert Curve” for top infill pattern in PrusaSlicer to get the rugged look. I think it turned out awesome!

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